Getting Started on

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Miles Anders
Jun 17, 2020 2:01:01 PM is an online collaboration platform that enabes you and your clients to experience properties together online.

For Building Owners and Listing Brokers

From the buildings tab, you can easily manage your properties. Upload photos, floorplans, and pdfs that make your availabilities shine.

Then, from the Market Listing App, you can share your property through email blasts, web ads, and individual outreach. Track activity, gather leads, and start conversations with potential tenants.

For Tenant Brokers

From the Leasing Requirements App, create an interactive market survey by sending content requests to building owners and listing brokers. Track their progress as they upload assets and choose the spaces you want to include.

Whenever a new building or available space is shared with you, it is added to your list of buildings. This gives you and your team quick access to the properties in your market that you care about.

Showing the Space

The place platform has several components to ensure you give an excellent online tour.

Every participant has a window that displays which part of the space they are viewing. This allows you to contextually engage with clients, as if you were there.

Every message takes a snapshot of the space, so everyone knows exactly what is being discussed. Participants can even leave comments directly on the images.

The "Guide the Group" button shares your window with all the other participants. It gives you full control to lead your tenants from one space to the next. No one gets left behind!